Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 – the continuation of a thrilling match on android, where you may produce your very own distinctive worlds. In this game, your job is to make new substances, produce and open new products.

This sport will instruct your logic and creativity and you’ll have the ability to demonstrate all of your creativity by making unusual objects and studying their humorous descriptions. Discover a new library, which will please gamers with a huge array of objects represented inside. Play this game and receive the most enjoyment out of the excellent graphics, original soundtrack and encyclopedia with intriguing descriptions. Discover the exceptional world of the game.

Little Alchemy Breakdown

Little Alchemy is intuitive and addictive, and it challenges students’ creative and critical thinking skills. That being said, it oversimplifies, sometimes to the point of fantasy, the make-up of things. This, however, is part of the game’s charm. For example, when things are combined, the result is logical within the framework of the game (e.g. swamp + energy = life), but does not necessarily connect explicitly to real science (abiogenesis in this case). Good facilitation, however, can turn these discrepancies into thought-provoking discussion. Some combinations are more sensible than others, which gives students the possibility to explore the logic of the game, particularly how it leverages symbolism and metaphor to make combinations sensible. In the case of abiogenesis, the questions become, “Why did the game combine swamp and energy to create life? What do those things represent? Is there a better way to represent the creation of life?”

Different elements in the game

Little Alchemy most directly lends itself to scientific and historical discussion of the classical elements (fire, water, earth, and air), the concept of fundamental elements, and, consequently, atomic theory. In a math classroom, the game may also be leveraged to teach prime factorization in a meaningful way (see Lesson Plans).

Here is a video that shows how to build different creations in Little Alchemy. 

Little Alchemy


Drag and drop.

Game Mechanics

The game screen is split into a library, where all created things may be found and searched for, and a workspace, where things are combined to create new things. Simply drag things from the library into the workspace and then into each other to see if they create a new thing. If they do, that new thing appears in the library.

New creations will appear in the library

Things that have reached their final stage, meaning that they cannot be combined to create something new, appear red. As an indicator of the player’s progress, the game provides a fraction of how many things have been created over the total possible things (360).

How To Play:

Very simple. You just drag one element to another element to create new elements.

Tips and Tricks:

There is a search box in the right corner of the screen. Use it to easily find the elements you want to use.
When dragging elements into the game interface, if you do not drag them overlap, you will not be able to create new elements.
When using the “Clean up” feature, the original elements on the right side of the screen will not be deleted.

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